Therapist Program - Level 2

“As long as you are not aware of the continual law of DIE AND BE AGAIN, you are merely a vague guest on a dark Earth.”
- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Guide – Dr. Trupti Jayin

7 complete days of intensive and energizing workshop for those who want to spiritualize the planetary beings into light workers.
Enlightenment comes through enlivenment of the eternal consciousness that lives in our collective self.
Get in touch with it and experience the multi dimensional aspects that make you up.

When we enliven our lives and become responsible for our happiness we create joy and mirth, which takes us towards integrating our beautiful essences to make us whole. Our soul or atman is multidimensional. Every dimension holds within it a facet of our collective consciousness. Through the tool of past life therapy you can touch the myriad kaleidoscopic self and create insight into the various questions that may be troubling your existence today.

The past lies in the present while the present holds a key to the future. It is in the present we can visit the past and free ourselves from the beliefs, emotions and thoughts that may be blocking our enlivenment of our souls to take us to a brighter, happier and joyous self.

The purpose to teach past life therapy is to help all of us who want to heal ourselves and others take a quantum leap towards healing the psychic wounds that create a repetitive recurrent pattern of toxic thoughts and beliefs. These then grow into tumors of turmoil sucking the person into a quagmire of questions.

A journey into your past life develops insight into your present actions. It helps to take you to your unknown frontiers of consciousness and unravel the purpose of your earthly existence. It also gives you an understanding that there are so many other existences that you have lived before each one more fascinating than the other.

With its benefit seen in my clients I feel happy to share my insights and experience in making the world free of guilt and fear. Many of us don’t even know that we can hold the torch of free will to reach the spirit of enlivenment that lives within all of us.

We are co-creators in the path towards enlivenment.

This workshop will be intensive and challenging. It will help you understand various concepts of soul psychology and karma. One day will be devoted to work with children.

The daily schedule with its topics has been attached separately for your reference.

“This is not a coincidence that you have got a chance to heal. It’s your karma.”

*Written Exams will be conducted at the end of 6 months. At least 5 detailed cases will be expected from the participant at the end of 6 months. A certificate will be issued thereafter. This is optional and important for those who would like to practice.*

The intention of the workshop is to guide you to find out your soul's purpose in this life and get direct answers to any other questions that you would like to ask about your present or past lifetimes. You will come to understand that lives are not accidents. There are opportunities for each of us to change and grow in every life.

Seeing ourselves as immortal spiritual beings liberates us to make changes and bring more harmony of mind and body into our lives.

Looking forward to your participation & Co-creation towards Blissful world. Do send your confirmation at the earliest.

Details for Participation:
Workshop Fee: 70,000/- for all 7 days (Residential)

  • Includes course material, breakfast, tea and lunch.
  • Venue : Yoga Niketan Ashram , Muni ki Ret, Rishikesh.

Contact Details:
Contact - 9820858816 ( office) / 9930858816
The training begins on 1st December at 2:30 pm and ends at 2 pm at 7th December. This week long training is life changing.

Past Life Therapist Training Schedule

  Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7
7:00 -8:15am      Alignment of Body Mind and Soul with QI GONG and Meditation
9.30- 11am Nurturing the child within. Hypnosis and the structure of the mind Interviewing and evaluation  Demonstrations of techniques The regression scripts Hands on experience Final Practice Regression ( Starts by 7.30am)
11.30-1.30pm Birth traumas and character structures Techniques of Hypnosis Process and preparation Discussion of various scripts. Hands on experience Discussion and introduction to LBL Discussion and conclusion (10.30am)
3.30-5.30pm The development cycles Cellular imprinting Induction techniques Interactive sessions Q&A Practical demonstration Lunch And Leave
  Inner child archetypes Creating scripts with understanding of core issues Core issues identification Understanding the trance state Further Deepening techniques Practical demonstration  
6-7.30pm Art and Inner child exploration Practical Hypnosis Pattern storage Practical Session Integrations and closure   Hands on experience  
  Transforming our inner selves Past Life Regression and historical significance. Deepening Techniques Practical Session Hands on experience Hands on experience  
Post dinner-9.30pm
Every evening post dinner one of the following will happen Movies & Videos & Meditation . The content will be related to the workshop journey.

Written Exams will be conducted at the end of 6 months. At least 5 detailed cases will be expected from the participant at the end of 6 months. A certificate will be issued thereafter. This is optional and important for those who would like to practice.