Healing the Inner Child Retreat – Level 3

Reparenting Retreat- Reclaiming the Inner Child

The burning question that we are searching is, “ Who am I?” We may be at any age, this question does not leave us. We earn millions, seek and receive love, enjoy and travel, yet this question stays valid, even when we are ready to give up the body. This seeking needs to end so that we can breathe freely within this skin and reclaim our many selves which make up our personality.

We must learn to Reparent ourselves. How does this spiritual process begin?
Neuroscience speaks about the hemispheric integration for a balanced mind. Various exercises will be done to work on this rewiring mechanism during this retreat.

5 steps to Reparenting:

  • Ego state Analysis
  • Panch- tattva Healing
  • Voice Dialoguing
  • Movement Therapy
  • Reclaiming Authentic Self through Integration

The Reparenting Retreat is designed as process driven, high intensity and cathartic retreat. The Rebirthing Breathwork will be our main tool for the retreat. To integrate and transform there will be water, dry and earth and fire Rebirthing sessions. This is a powerful technique which is known to heal emotional and physiological issues.

The retreat is open to those who wish to heal others and be healed through powerful techniques.
The venue is Goa and the dates are August 30th to September 3rd 2024.
Baia Do Sol, Beach Resort, Lands End, Baga Beach is our venue.
Energy Exchange: 50,000/- inclusive of lodging and boarding.
Call : Irmala on +91 98230 22113/ 9930858816