Intuitive Tarot

The Intuitive tarot is a method of learning the classical Ryder Waite Cards in a manner that you can remember all the cards and its meanings in an intuitive way. When you learn you tend to forget but when you become aware of the meanings of what you learn you can never forget. It’s a wonderful experience to understand you through the cards. Every stage of your life is reflected in them- your childhood, adulthood and old age. Every emotion is depicted in them and all the five elements are understood with them. The workshop is for two full days inclusive of breakfast, lunch and tea.

Day 1

  • Learning the major arcane cards and their one word meaning.
  • The pentacle suit
  • The swords suit
  • The cups suit
  • The wands suit
  • Meditation for the night.

Day 2

  • Tarot game for enhancing recall
  • Tarot pairs
  • Celtic Cross spread
  • Pyramid Spread
  • Health Spread
  • Horoscope Spread
  • Yearly Spread
  • Timing
  • Prediction

Each one of us has the inherent ability to intuitively know more but we hold ourselves because of self doubt. Let it go and dive into a wonderful experience with Tarot.