Master Level Practitioner Retreat – Level 4

The Master Practitioner Course is open for those who have completed their Therapists Training Program and wish to now spread their wings to learn psychotherapeutic techniques and equip themselves further to deal with challenging conditions.

Past Life Therapy is a bridge that helps our client to walk across his trauma and move into a space where the divine can guide him. We are only torch bearers for him, and with deep love, wise words and compassion in our hearts, we hand- hold him to joy and happiness. Past Lives are remnants of our existence which make us connect with our greater design, through weaving a tapestry of our many births and deaths. It helps to remove hate, eradicate judgment and extinguish suffering.

Master Program Syllabus

Day 1

  • Family Constellation.
  • Healing Statements
  • Spiritual Posturing
  • Parent -Child Healing Dynamics

Day 2

  • Dividual Constellation
  • Vanishing Twin
  • Ancestral Curse Release
  • Practical Processes

Day 3

  • Life Between Life
  • Soul Levels
  • Soul Colours
  • Akashi Reading
  • Soul Groups
  • Archetypes & Spiritual Diagnosis
  • Practical sessions

Day 4

  • Neuro-linguistic Reframing
  • EMDR ( Eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing )
  • A psychotherapeutic technique integrated with regression therapy.
  • Practical sessions and Demonstrations.

The Master Program will entail an on-line exam which the candidate will have to appear within six months.

The Program will have a Yoga Facilitator from the Ashram who will instruct participant’s everyday on topics likeMeditation, Chakras, Kundalini and Significant Mantras for healing. All these sessions will be practical so that knowledge from the ancient scriptures can also be imparted.