Past Life Therapy - The Mystic Journey - (Online) - Level 1

Mystic Journey Workshop ( Level 1- Online for 8 days) During the COVID times this online session had begun and it has been successful and the workshop reached to everyone all over the world. The course includes the following topics:

  • The essential of Spiritual Science, Astral Travel, Chakra Understanding, The Seven Bodies, Akashi Records,Karma, Guna,SpiritGuides, Remote Viewing exercises, psychometry etc.

Practical sessions:

  • Day 1: 5 minute meditation exercise, Astral Travel and Creative Visualisation.
  • Day 2: Chakra Meditation
  • Day 3: Age Regression : going back in time to earlier stages in current lifetime to regain joy, love,creativity, playfulness, and spontaneity by working on emotional blocks.
  • Day 4: Health Regression to a Past Life.
  • Day 5: Fear /Pattern Regression
  • Day 6: Relationship Regression
  • Day 7: Retrieving Past Life Talent
  • Day 8: Future Progression and Guna

Points to Ponder: ( online)

  • I request everyone to use a headphone especially dur8ng regressions.
  • While entering a virtual classroom to mute yourself.
  • Ensure the place is quiet and clean.
  • Recordings will be provided if the session is missed.
  • No presentation slides will be shared.