Sewa Sangha

Sewa Sangha meets annually and invites enlightened and wise masters to share their knowledge and interact at this congregation.

SEWA 2023 - Spiritual Meet for a cause - October 2023

Dates - 13/14/15 October 2023
Fee - Double Sharing 16k till 31st July; 18k from 1st August 2023

22k Single occupancy till 31st July; 24k from 1st August 2023

This year the Sewa Retreat is from October 13-15th at Yog Niketan Ashram, Rishikesh.
The theme is “ Beyond to Bliss” - A Road Map to Happiness.

Happiness is an elusive word and it’s ability to slip like grains of sand is experienced by all of us. It’s time to learn how to engage with life, to add meaning and understand it from a Vedantic Perspective. Sewa, this year will focus on how Man can work with his ‘ Kosha’s ’ ( cells) to rejuvenate an infinite amount of happiness for himself and others.

The Annamayya Kosha is the physical body which needs, nutrition, nurturance and novelty in the material world to engage with it. The ability of the physical body to survive in this ever- changing world is fraught with stress and tension. How does one keep it agile, alert and alive is a challenge and our Ayurved and Yoga Guest will share the knowledge from Ancient Science.

The Pranamaya Kosha is the Energy Body and works with our Emotions too. The Prana which is the Life Force is witnessed by our Breath. Swar Yoga is an ancient method to work with the elements and breath. It helps to invigorate and energise our physical body to maintain an emotional balance. A Swara Yoga Expert will speak on its benefits.

The Manamaya Kosha is the Mental Body or Thought Body which has to stay healthy by positive and meaningful thoughts. Our Well-being is measured by our ability to think through things in an assertive and purposeful manner to make us live in harmony with others. Dr Trupti Jayin will engage the participants in activities to progress from being ignorant to being an active problem solver.

The Vigyanmaya Kosha is the dimension of Discrimination and Discernment. Swami Aparajitanand will share insights about how we can vitalise this Kosha and bring our mind closer to the next Kosha of Bliss.

The Anandmaya Kosha or the Bliss Body is closest to the Atman and Swamiji will speak about its significance in one’s spiritual journey.

Sewa is a time for spiritual seekers to get an opportunity to meet knowledgeable masters who have relentlessly pursued their path into spiritual teachings. It’s is a time for everyone to interact with like- minded people, make new friends and live at the ashram.