Shabd Yoga

‘In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.’ -John 1:1

There is a difference between the right word and almost the right word.
The right word will take you a step in the direction of your heart.

How many times in the last few days you have felt like giving up on happiness?
How many times in the last few weeks you have wondered why you are unhappy?
How many times in the last few years you have given up hope of ever being happy?
Happiness is a gift that has been co-created by You and God, but on the way You left God.
God- the infinite source of love and intelligence is living in You and wants to enjoy being with You Are you ready to give God an opportunity to dance and sing with You?
Are you a victim of circumstances or a creator of it? This must be answered.
If you feel you are a victim, helpless and betrayed by life. You have no control over the circumstances then you have chosen to suffer…..
The only thing You can do is RUN…RUN…RUN… But Alas …There is nowhere to RUN

Have you decided to be a Creator of your circumstances?
If Yes- Then read on and discover a new way to LIVE ….Without Running.
“ Life is an adventure… and it must be enjoyed barefoot.”

“Out of Abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.”
It’s imperative for man to think before he talks for it is in a millionth of a second that thoughts transform into words and change the nature of a relationship.
Get free from the Critical Aggressor and get in touch with Santa Claus.
Get away from Persecutor and distance from the Addict.
Identify the many roles that you are playing and STOP playing this game.

The workshop will focus on the following skills:

  • Creating a harmonious relationship with oneself.
  • Creating a harmonious working relationship with self and others.
  • Co-creating a work culture which is productive and prosperous.
  • Co-creating a world where each person is happy with what he has.

The workshop is uniquely experiential as it will turn your inherent ability to speak on its head. It will enable you to get into your words and use them as fuel to spark off health. Shabd or words will be used to design an inner spontaneous happy You.

Enter the world of Shabdh Yoga and Revise- Reframe – Relive a Life that you have envisioned.

Day 1

  • The Wheel of Life – Understanding the dynamics of Quantum Life.
  • Understanding our Self Dialogue
  • Unearthing your principles.
  • The Nature of your thoughts.
  • The Law of Less.
  • Changing your beliefs
  • Working with your transactions.
  • Your reality is not my reality.

Day 2

  • The myth called happiness
  • The theme songs of your life.
  • Overcoming fear- creating joy
  • Your vision statements
  • Paradigm Role Shifts
  • Neo-psychic transactions
  • Transforming Life lines
  • Meeting the three selves.

Powerful meditations will enhance your path to this change.