Spiritual Numerology

This is a workshop for those who believe that they have been bestowed with the power of creating a life that they desire. All that we need to turn our life’s events from a mystery to a miracle is given to us by the Universal Consciousness also known as ‘Chaitanya’

The mysteries were revealed in the bygone era to the great Rishis who were able to tune into the Universal Consciousness. It’s your turn now to access these amazing but easy techniques to help in self prediction of the unfolding events of your life.

Every individual emits rays and waves and we can know his radiations through the study of numerology. The vibrations can be translated through the numbers and alphabets that are present in the name and birth date of the person. A miracle then begins to unfold

The birth date you have is special. The name that is given to you also contains a vibration. The nine planets in the solar system have a great influence on you. They have been allotted a number. The moment a person is born he is governed by a number allotted to the planets. He begins to radiate its energy. His psychological makeup, emotions, likes and dislikes, thinking patterns begin to get dominated by the number.

Napoleon Bonaparte used to spell his name as Napoleone Buonapart. But on the advice of a numerologist he omitted the letters’e’ and ‘u’ from his name and heightened the power of his personality and became Emperor.

Let us together understand through the study of numbers the laws that affect the universe around us. If by making a small change to re align our name to our number we could in effect change our destiny think how your life could become!!!!

Do find out for yourself this wonderful science … yes science as the Pythagorean Numerology is one of the ancient and scientifically devised form of numerology. Learn it and become your own Master.

Day 1- 9.30pm-5.30pm

  • Significance of Numbers
  • Destiny Number and its Significance
  • Expression and Soul number
  • Temperament and Potential
  • Karmic Debt and Past Life Energy
  • Understanding the Planetary Dynamics

Day 2- 9.30pm-5.30pm

  • Making the Number Horoscope
  • Transits
  • Essences in life
  • Pinnacles and Periods in Life
  • Day and Month cycles
  • Choose a New Name

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